Outsourcing product photography can get EXPENSIVE, especially in San Francisco. So when the marketing team at August Home needed assets for a new product launch, I decided it was time for a little DIY. With the blessing of my awesome Creative Director, I built a little product photography studio next to the bathrooms in the hardware lab.

This was a lot of firsts for me. First time owning a “DSLR” (Canon 50d). First time using a DSLR. First time taking product photos. I had a lot to learn. Fortunately, the great thing about design, is that skills are transferable across mediums. And the hard part usually isn’t technical, it’s knowing what questions to ask and how to approach a design problem.

I decided that I wanted to know the narrative first. So I spent some time with the Channel Marketing Mgr and the Social Media Mgr to learn from them and see what they were looking for.

Channel Marketing wanted something that could be used on brochures, display booths, and other print material. For me this translated into close up shots. Close up is more intimate and draws attention to certain features. Brochures/One Pagers usually have a lot of text so the image areas shouldn’t have negative space, they should be full and communicate what they want to.

Social Media wanted something for Instagram/Facebook and Ad Campaigns. Most of the time, text is going on top of an image although some platforms discourage it. I left a lot of space for text and as you can see was able to fit our current tagline into the frame.

Through this project I learned that you can always do more with less, and that when it comes to photography you don’t need fancy equipment unless you’re going to put it on a billboard.

Overall this was fun and since then I’ve jumped at any opportunity I can to incorporate photography into my work.
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