Giant Eagle Mobile App

Design Fast
An east-coast grocery store chain needed a feature-complete app, designed and completed in seven months. As the only designer on the project, I was tasked with the full end-to-end design of the app.
Ex Nihilo
When I arrived on the project, there was no creative director, style guide, or design system. The team had operated without a designer for 6 months and they had achieved everything that devs do best. The app was not yet usable or launched. What was built, was a single page of 165,000 products in an endlessly scrolling catalogue.
Team Support
I knew that in order to move fast, I needed the trust and support of every member on my team. I scheduled weekly 1:1s and established a weekly design forum meeting where anyone could openly discuss and provide feedback on upcoming designs. The result was tremendous support and encouragement for sharing new ideas, and better trust between design and development.

Switched to Figma
I successfully advocated to executive leadership for better tooling and switched the team from Sketch/Abstract/Invision, to Figma. While those tools are great for managing communication between multiple designers, or in an enterprise scenario, 

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